Pour yourself a glass of our sugarless Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Tannat, or sparkling white, and enjoy without worrying about high levels of calories or sugar.

For many of us, vino becomes off limits when trying to restrict calorie intake, lower sugar levels or go organic, but Vinos de la Cruz Wines  doesn’t believe that you need to give up your favorite tonic for the sake of healthy living. If you are trying to make healthier choices, Vinos de la Cruz Sugarless wines, organic and low-calorie (50% less) wines will fit the bill perfectly.

Vinos de la Cruz Wines winery is South America’s only producer of sugarless organic wines that are suitable for people with sugar restricted diets, as well as those trying to cut calories, since sugarless wines have about half the calories of regular wine. Following the boom of the US environmental move in the 1990’s, half of the vineyard became organic, using only natural methods without chemical fertilizers or the synthesis process. The  winery is the only one of it’s kind, situated 60 miles from Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. It is a family company of about 148 acres of vineyards.

The organic process ensures the good health of the grapes. The yeast of the grape transforms the entire sugar into alcohol without altering the therapeutic benefits of the wines and qualities such as color, alcohol level, acidity, carbohydrates, levels of energy, protein and flavorings.

Go ahead, have that glass of wine and drink to good health!

Sugarless Wines featured in CNN Spanish News